Life and Hope

The following is our testimony. It is about some of the times we put our trust in God to guide our lives.  Even though things didn't always turn out the way we thought they would, we cooose to never give up on Him as our guide in life.


     During Spring Break, I took a trip down to Monterey, Mexico, with John, Linda, Sandra, Brenda, and Fran. After the trip I asked Brenda out.  After a couple of dates I asked her to pray with me before she went into her dorm.  Later I also told her  we need to "cool it" a while because things were going too fast for me. 

   But the next night the group met and watched slides of the trip.  As we were leaving I saw Brenda coming out of the building and asked her if she wanted to go for a walk.  She said, “I thought you wanted to cool it for a while?"  I said something like, it's okay.

   Anyway, we ended up heading for the lighted tennis courts which were not far from the science building.  As we rounded the corner of the building, without prior thought or warning, I stopped, turned to face Brenda  and asked, “Will you marry me?”  Silence!  Slowly she said yes. So, being more than a little surprised, I asked her why she said yes since I didn't have a clue.  She then told me something  I have never forgotten.  She said, “Do you remember when you asked me to pray with you last night?”  I said, "Yes.”    She then said, "Just before you asked me, I prayed, ‘God, I have never had a boy ask me to pray with him on a date, so let him ask me if he is the one you want for me."  I did and the rest is history - this year, August 2019, we celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. ​​​​ Thank you Jesus for such a blessing as her. 


   One of the things that Brenda and I had in common was a love for children.  During my college senior year our love for children grew and we decided that God was leading us to be full time children workers so after graduation we applied for jobs in that field. After several failed applications, we decided that I should join the Air Force and travel.  I did, and after pilot training, I flew jets out of Okinawa for over three years.

   Just as entering the Air Force was a major turning point in our lives so was leaving the Air Force. While I was a good pilot with an excellent flying record, I did not go the extra mile. I did not volunteer for many extra duties and because of that I was not the best employee and was rifted (Reduction In Force) after the Viet Nam war.

  That turning point decision made a difference in my work ethic.  I decided that no matter what anyone else did, I would do whatever it took to be the best employee I could be.  This does not mean I haven’t made mistakes but God has been gracious and has been my help even when I goof.  No matter what circumstances we face in life, I believe God blesses our best efforts, if we seek His guidance.  


  There were several key times in my life that I was basically told I would never be able to accomplish a goal for my life.  The first may have been when my High School English teacher told me I'd never make it in college.  I did.  While in college I received my draft papers and was inducted into the army.  I was told I couldn't finish college first.  I did.  After college I joined the Air Force.  At my induction physical a sergeant told me I'd never fly for the Air Force.  I did.  When I joined the Army Reserve, the flight surgeon told me I'd never fly for the Army.  I did.    After busting my initial T37 jet solo check, the check airman told me I'd never graduate Under Graduate Pilot Training.  I did.

   There were many other like items but these have always stood out.  The point is to never give up on your important goals just because someone says so.  Keep seeking ways to reach your goal until you know it's time to change directions. For me, recognizing my own physical and mental liminations usually let me know to move on. Sometimes seeking advice from a trusted sourse is the key to moving on.

  The thing that pains me most is watching so many young people give up just because they didn't get what they wanted "now".​​