The Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is a national organization that has been around for a long time yet many people have never heard of it.  My dad was a member and Brenda and I have been members since 1998.  It is an encouragement to us that so many people have given back as volunteers in such a great organization.  My dad and I served many years as search and rescue pilots and I have served as a chaplain with Brenda as my support.  We encourage qualified ministers and leaders to join in serving as Chaplains or Character Development Instructors (CDIs) as well as in any of the following areas.
The Civil Air Patrol has three major missions that make it one of the most versatile organizations in the world:
Emergency Services – The CAP handles most Search and Rescue missions for the USAir Force and is heavily involved in Disaster Relief, Humanitarian Services, Air Force Support, and Counter Drug Activities.  In these, CAP not only needs aircrew members such as pilots, observers, and mechanics, but ground team members to aid in the rescue of survivors or to assess damage after a disaster.  There are many support roles needed also.

Cadet Programs – The activities of this Youth Organization include pre-military training, flight programs, encampments, and actual missions.  Core Values such as Integrity, Volunteer Service, Excellence, and Respect are central in all facets of training and missions.  CAP also needs adults to support the cadet program.  CAP has over 24,000 cadets across the country that need mentors willing to help guide and support them.  The cadet program provides young adults between the ages of 12 and 21 a well-rounded program of leadership, aerospace education, physical fitness, and moral and ethical decision making.  Cadets may also compete for Academic Scholarships.

Aerospace Education – In addition to educating our own members, CAP’s adult leaders provide training and resources to teachers who reach out to students of all ages across the country.  Aviation and aerospace impact the lives of Americans every day, and CAP works to ensure that citizens know how valuable aviation and aerospace are in our world.

Seniors hold military rank and wear either Air Force uniforms with CAP insignia or a grey and white combination uniform if AF weight standards are not met.  The Air Force supplies Cadet uniforms, aircraft, vehicles, radios, computers and other equipment needed for real and training missions.

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